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Canada defeats Kazakhstan in deaf hockey


In 2 games of the deaf hockey tournament the team of Kazakhstan missed 23 goals and didn’t score a single one. On the second day of the competitions Canada defeated Kazakhstan 14:0.

It is worth noting that there are only 10 skiers in the team of Kazakhstan. After the first period of the game the score was 8:0. 4 goals out of 8 were scored by Canadian player Ryan Chramtchenko.

The beginning of the second period was not so dramatic for Kazakhstan but closer to the end of the 2nd 20 minutes of the game the goal difference started to grow again and the period ended with the score 13:0.

In the final period one more goal was scored in Kazakhstan’s net. The final score of the game is 14:0 for Canada.

It is to be reminded that the first game of the team of Kazakhstan ended with the score 0:9.

Tomorrow, on March’31 there’s a training day of deaf curling tournament. On April’1 at3:00 p.m. Canada plays with Finland and at 7:00 p.m. Russia meets USA.


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