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Roman Khamitsevich: on Deaflympics I will fight for gold and support my daughter

The snowboarding Deaflympic team of Russia is currently training on the slopes of the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”.

We have made an interview with the team leader, an international master of sport Roman Khamitsevich about his impressions of the track, ups and downs of his sport career and his daughter Angelina – an alpine skier that will also take part in the Deaflympics.

Roman, in the team you are representing Saint-Petersburg. Were you born there? 
– Yes, I was born in Saint-Petersburg and my whole life is connected with this city. However, my parents are not native residents of Saint-Petersburg. My father was born in Murmansk region and my mother is from Nizhniy Tagil. They got acquainted in Moscow during their student years and then moved to Leningrad.


Were you brought into sport by your parents?

– I should say, that I was born absolutely healthy. I lost my hearting when I was 6 months old because of a severe cold. My parents were very worried. When I was 10 years old, they decided that sport will do me good so I joined two sport sections: karate and cross-country skiing. I preferred skiing. I was into skiing for 7 years. Several times I won the skiing championships of Russia for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes. When I was 17, I was 7th on the National Skiing Championships.


So how did you decide to start snowboarding? 
– I got married and had to earn money for my family. I found a job on the ship-building yard “Admiralteyskiye verfi”. After the professional training course I took a position of a welder. I have been working there for the last 11 years dealing with making ships and submarines. Of cause, my job influenced my sport results in cross-country skiing. Theywerenotsogoodanymore. I was not even hoping to be included in the national team. In 2009 snowboarding has came to Saint-Petersburg. So I decided to try it. This sport allows me to continue working and leave some time for taking care of my family.


Tell us about your family?
– My wife Polina is very caring. She is always making sandwiches in the morning, and every evening I have a warm dinner. Shecooksverywell. Shehastimeforeverything. MydaughterAngelinais 16. Sheisanalpineskier. She is also participating in the Deaflympics. It is the first time me and my daughter are participating in the same competitions.


Who is your coach and what is the best lesson you have learnt from him?
– My coach is Alexander Fyodorov. First he trained me alpine skiing and then we came into snowboarding. He always says me that technique and speed are the most important things. I also think that you should not rely on your luck during competitions; it is your skills that are important. You need to train hard if you want to win gold of the Deaflympics. My main rival is Kharady of Japan.


Do you like the track in Khanty-Mansiysk? 
– It is very specific. The first part of it is flat. If you make a mistake on the central part of the track, which is high-grade, you can correct it. For me, an athlete with a weight 90 kg, such a hill can give an advantage.


What is the victory you are the most proud of?
– In 2013 I became a world champion. This is the most precious victory for me. I came first in parallel giant slalom.


Did you have any traumas in your sport career?

– Yes, I had traumas. It was in 2013 during the National Championships in Bashkiria. I fell down and damaged my spine. I spent 2 weeks in a hospital and then had a recovery treatment course. I thought I won’t be able to continue my sport career. There was such a relief when doctors allowed me to continue training. Iamfondofsport. Ican’timaginemylifewithoutit. Now I am 36 and I plan to compete as long as I am included in the team. I don’t want to finish my sport career.


What do you think about the professional level of your daughter? 
– The rivalry among alpine skiers is very tough. Angelina is very young. She need more physical training. At the moment it is a good result for her to be included in the national team. She is very persistent, like me. I think that in 4 years on the next Deaflympics she will be able to be among the winners.

A month ago in Karachay-Cherkessia there was the Cup of Russia in alpine skiing. Mydaughterwongoldinsupergiantandslalom.


Is your main aim in life connected with sport?
– Of cause. My main target is to win the Deaflympics. Besides, I want my daughter to become a world-class athlete. I don’t think I will be able to watch her performance because her competitions in Magnitogorsk will take place in the same time with my competitions here. However, if it is possible for me to come there and support her, I will definitely do it.


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