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344 athletes from 27 countries will participate in the Deaflympics

The final list of athletes that will take part in the Winter Deaflympics was defined. 344 athletes with hearing disorders from 27 countries will come to Ugra to participate in the Games.

Of cause, Russia has the biggest national team. 76 athletes from our country will take part in the competitions. The second biggest national team belongs to Canada. 33 Canadians will come to Ugra to compete for Deaflympic medals. Theirgeographicalneighbors – USA – havesent 32 deafathletes.

Besides, it is worth noting that there are some national teams that consist of only 1 athlete. They are Mongolia, Slovenia, Armenia and Estonia. 348 officials will also come to Ugra to watch the Deaflympics.

As for sport disciplines, the biggest number of participants is in alpine skiing. Athletes from 20 countries will take place in alpine skiing competitions in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk. 5 national teams from Russia, Canada, USA, Kazakhstan and Finland will compete in ice hockey tournament.

Is it to be noted that, national teams consist mostly of men. However, therearesomeexceptions. In national teams of Croatia, Armenia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary the number of women is bigger than the number of men. Teams of Ukraine and South Korea have the equal number of men and women.

It is to be reminded that the Winter Deaflympics will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk from March’28 till April’05. The program of the Games includes 5 disciplines – snowboard, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, curling and alpine skiing. 27 national teams will participate in the Games. Team of Russia includes 76 athletes from 16 country regions.


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