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449 athletes from 27 countries will take part in XVIII Winter Deaflympics

It is not a surprise, that Russia will have the biggest national team.

Let’s note, that Russian national team will consist of 83 athletes and will take part in all 5 sport disciplines. The USA is having the second biggest national team consisting of 55 athletes, and the third biggest national team – 51 athlete – belongs to Canada. Teams of Spain, Slovenia, Mongolia, Hungary and Armenia will consist of only 1 athlete.

The most exotic country for winter games will be Turkey. 6 athletes from Turkey will compete in cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding.

The least mass-scale competition will be cross-country skiing; only 55 athletes – 35 men and 20 women – will participate in it.

The most mass-scale sport will be ice hockey. 145 athletes from 6 countries – The USA, Sweden, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland and Canada will take part in it.

It is reminded, that the world competitions will take place next year in Khanty-Mansiysk from March 28 till April 5.


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