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A game of roaring stones. A photo reportage

Being created in Scotland around 400 years ago curling is becoming more and more popular in the world. The game is quiet, well-considered and precise. In the land of bag pipes and plaid skirts it is called «a game of roaring stones». The official photographer of Winter Deaflympics tried to depict the atmosphere of curling tournament that is held in the Ice Palace of Khanty-Mansiysk.


Women’s curling team is among the leaders of the tournament. Not to speak too soon the team will compete for the medals of Deaflympics. Together with its coach Vitaly Karpinsky Russian team can give fight to any other team participating in the tournament.


Men’s team of Russia is not that lucky. Finally, they won’t be able to go to play-off stage of the tournament.


The coach personnel is having a meeting…


The president of the confederation of African deaf sports Piter Kalae is watching the games with great interest. Maybe he will be the one who will initiate cultivating curling in Africa?

канадцы мороженое

Guess what country they are from? The temperature in the Ice Palace is around 10 degrees Celsius and near ice it is as low as 3-4 degrees Celsius.  Still guys from Canada are enjoying ice-cream – the favorite treat of maple leaves.


While Canadians are eating ice-cream cones, die-hard fans of Russia try to understand all the nuances of “ice chess”.


He would easily deal with disinsectation, but here he has a more important mission of ice resurfacing between the games. In curling it is done manually using distilled water.


All games of the tournament are broadcasted live on the official web-page of the Games. Much thanks to TV and radio company “Ugra”!


The die-hard fans of South Korea have prepared for the tournament with banners and flags.


Fans of Japan have done the same. A lot of spectators want to make a selfie with “a girlfriend of samurai” wearing traditional clothes of the country of the rising sun.


Before every game all teams are making their trial throws. Then referees are performing check measurements – as the quality of ice is the most important thing!


Curling is the only Deaflympic sport tournament that is played during all the period of the competitions. Between the games players of different national teams could be found on spectators’ stands. Judging on the face expression, this American likes everything in Khanty-Mansiysk.


Likely, this South Korean athlete also likes everything but he doesn’t show it!


Along with these international competitions Ugra welcomes long-awaited spring. By the way, many sport fans are going outside of the Ice Palace to get warm under the sun of Ugra.


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