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About sport in Ugra


On the threshold of the upcoming Deaflympics the Museum of Nature and Man presented a new exhibition dedicated to the history of sport in Ugra.

On March’20 the official ceremony of opening the exhibition “Sport Ugra” was held in the Museum of Nature and Man. The exhibition is devoted to the development of sport in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug from 1930-ies till present time, when Khanty-Mansiysk hosts the Biathlon World Cup and the XVIII Winter Deaflympics.

The big part of the exhibition is dedicated to the sport of people with physical disabilities. Sport equipment, medals and photos of athletes of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra are displayed in the Museum.

Among the most valuable items of the exhibition are golden medals of legendary Alexey Ashapatov won on Paralympics in Beijing and London.

The great victories in the history of Ugra sport were made by sledge-hockey team “Ugra”. On the exhibition the equipment of players, bowls from international and national tournaments and souvenirs are displayed. One of the most interesting show-pieces of the exhibition is a puck with autographs of silver-medalists of Paralympics 2014 in Sochi. By the way, Konstantin Shikhov has participated in the opening ceremony, so the visitors of the museum had an opportunity to make pictures with this famous ice-hockey player and to take his autograph.

According to the member of regional parliament and the director of the Centre of adaptive sport of Ugra Eduard Isakov, the sport of handicapped people is developed in Ugra since 2007 when the Centre of adaptive sport was established: «Our athletes have strong characters, the willingness to fight and to win. In the last 8 years they were able to get 1665 for Ugra. To create tolerance among youth towards people with disabilities and to involve handicapped people into the social life are the most important issues in our work».

Within the framework of the Ceremony Eduard Isakov has given diplomas and presents to the winners of the national drawing contest dedicated to the Deaflympics. The best artworks were also included into the exhibition “Sport Ugra”.

A bright part of the ceremony was a fashion show of the International Fashion Centre. The people of Ugra saw a new collection of outfits devoted to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics “Sochi – Ugra – Sochi”. The paralympic athletes Olga Sergienko and Malikat Magomedova were participating in the show together with models of the International Fashion Centre.

The exhibition in the Museum of Nature and Man is dedicated to the XVIII Winter Deaflympics and will be opened until April’18.


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