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Angelina Khamitsevich: I want to be the best in the world!

On the XVIII Winter Deaflympics sport club of Russian Army of Saint-Peterburg (SKA) will be represented… by 16 year old alpine skier Angelina Khamitsevich.

The young athlete has been training in SKA sport club for 6 years. During this period she was able to win all national competitions she was participating in, including two victories in Russian Winter Spartakiads as well as gold, silver and bronze medals in the Alpine Skiing Cup of Russia for deaf athletes. By the way, her father – Roman Khamitsevich is one of the leaders of Deaflympic snowboarding team of Russia, Europe and World champion! Sport ambitions of Angelina are also very high. The athlete share her plans in an interview made for an official internet page of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics.

– When did you first try to ski?

– I liked alpine skiing since I was a little girl, for the first time I tried alpine skiing when I was 8. I remember that we were on vacation in alpine skiing complex “Igora” in the vicinity of Saint-Petersburg, I was watching people skiing on the trails and thought this was very beautiful, so I told my parents that I wanted to be an alpine skier! Besides, I like alpine skiing because I like to risk. The sharper is a decline, the higher is speed, the more adrenaline I get!

– Why did you choose alpine skiing not snowboarding like your dad?

– Frankly speaking, I’ve never thought about this. I have chosen alpine skiing from the very beginning and that was it. Besides, snowboard is not my style.

– When did you come to professional sport and what are your aims in it now?

– 6 years ago, when I was 10 I joined the team of SKA sport club for healthy athletes. I am a medalist in all national competitions for the deaf but I want more. That’s why in 2014 I missed the National Deaf Championships and took part in the Championships of Russia for hearing athletes in Chelyabinsk region. But as for competitions for the deaf, I am a leader. My aim is to become the first alpine skier in my country that will win the World Cup. For example, like Alexander Khoroshilov.

– Tell us about your international success.
– Previous year I was participating in the Deaf European Alpine Skiing Cup and was 5th in giant slalom and slalom. It is not bad for a beginner, the competition on international level is higher, but I hope that I the future I will be able to win or at least to be a medal-winner.

– Mammoth is a mascot of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics. Do you have some thing that brings you luck and accompanies you during all your competitions?

– Yes, I have a lucky charm. It is an orange bracelet that was recently given to me by my mother. Now it is with me, or better to say on me, everywhere.

– It’s not only your debut on these Games; you will also be participating in them together with your father. During the Deaflympics will you be more nervous about yourself or about your dad?

– I will definitely support my dad. I am sure he will be a Deaflympic champion. I think I will care more about him, not about myself. I have a lot of years of my sport career ahead, so this time he shall win!


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