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Anna Fedulova: Now I want to be a ten-time champion!


Today, on April’01 Anna Fedulova became a nine-time Deaflympic champion winning women’s sprint.

On finish the athlete shared her emotions with the media-center of the Games.

Anna Fedulova:” My kids and husband were supporting me at home. I was very nervous because I am not very good in this discipline. This is a great responsibilityforme. But in the second half of the track I felt confident and was able to show good result. Now I want to be a ten-time champion!”

One more gold medal for Russia team was won by a newly-qualified merited master of sport of Russia Alexey Groshev:


“I was conserving my strength until finals and strained every sinew in a crucial moment! I will not participate in other disciplines.  I wanted to win gold and now I have won 2 medals of the competitions! Iamsohappy! I will stay here and support our team!” – said the champion.


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