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Bronze without risk

Medal events in slopestyle discipline of snowboarding were held on the first competition day of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics in the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”.  Russian athletes have shared there emotions and impressions with the media-center of the Games.


Svetlana Anisimova of Russia won a bronze medal of women’s slopestyle. The golden medalist is Lauren Weibert from USA, Norwegian athlete Petrine Olgeirsdottir wins silver.

Svetlana Anisimova confessed that she is not very satisfied with her third place as she expected to win silver. «The track is very good, but a strong wind did not allow me to show better results», – commented Svetlana, – «I decided not to risk in my 3rd attempt and did not perform the most difficult tricks».

A strong wind did not allow one more Russian athlete Uliana Golubeva to compete for the medals. TheseDeaflympicswerethefirstinhercareer. The athlete confessed that she didn’t expect that snow in Khanty-Mansiysk will be so hard: «When I was training in Moscow, the snow was soft; it was easier to perform tricks. I fell today. I think this happened because I am training only for one year and to compete for medals in such important competitions you need to train at least four years».

Uliana was not on the podium today, but will participate in one more discipline of snowboarding – halfpipe. The competitions will take place on April’01.


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