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Canada defeats Russia in women’s curling

The second day of women’s curling tournament was marked by the game of two favorites of the tournament: Russia and Canada.


The team of county of maple leaves took the iniative in their hands from the very beginning and won several ends in a row. Russians tried to chase the score but they didn’t have enough time for this. The final score is 12:5 for Canada.

By the way, the age of Canada players is above average. For example, the captain of the team Brenda Davidson is 50 years old. The average age of Russian players is 33.

The captain of Russian team Svetlana Tsedik looked disappointed after the game. «We still have chances ahead. Today the game was not a success for us, but this is ok», – said she. Journalists tried to change the subject and asked Russian skip about her impressions about the city.

«We have already seen mammoths and the biathlon stadium. We don’t have much free time, but we also managed to see the city center. It is very beautiful, I like Khanty-Mansiysk», – said Svetlana.

In other games of the third round China defeated Slovakia 13:2, Hungary won South Korea (10:5), and Croatia beat Ukraine 10-7.


The media-center of the Games also talked to the chief referee of curling tournament Vitaly Zezin and asked him about the nuances of deaf curling: «When talking about the curling sheets there’s no matter if athletes are deaf or not. In both cases, it is not forbidden for athletes and coaches to communicate with each other».

«Here we have sign language interpreters assisting us. Of cause, there are some difficulties with communication, but we are used to solving them as these are not our first international deaf tournaments», – said he.


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