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Canada – USA – 4:2

The first day of the Deaflympics has finished with an ice-hockey game Canada vs. USA that took place in the cultural and entertainment complex “Arena Ugra”.

It was not a surprise that hockey is the most popular discipline among sport fans. The number of spectators of the game was as big as during the game Russia vs. Kazakhstan. And the difference in hockey rink size did not make the game less exciting.

Both North American teams are the favorites of world deaf hockey. But none of them were able to score a goal during the first period of the game. The first goal was scored in the 2nd period by Canadians. But just in a few minutes the team of USA levels the score 1:1. Soon Canada takes lead again.

The score in the beginning of the 3rd period was 2:1 for Canada.  But in the middle of the period the gap widens, Canada scores again. In the end of the game USA scores a goal and the final result of the game is 4:2 for Canada.

“We had a very tough struggle between Canada and USA deaf hockey teams in summer, so today it was especially important for us to win. USA has one of the best teams we ever played with. We understand that this game is a very important step for us towards the gold medal of the Games. We also realize that Russia will also be a very strong competitor for us.” – said the coach of the team of CanadaRoy Hysen.

Jeff Sauer, the national team coach of USA commented on the game: “For the first two periods our team looked better than the competitors, we had very big chances but needed a bit of luck. To start the tournament with the game against Canada was very good for us as we know Canadian team better than other teams of the Deaflympics”.

Both coaches have admitted that the size of the hockey rink did not play a key role for them. Both teams felt quite comfortable.


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