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Behind the stage of big sport

Very often after finish athletes are saying that their skies were not waxed well or, on the contrary, thank their service-teams for their victory. Sport fans know how athletes look like, get their autographs...

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Curling. Time to gather stones

The curling tournament of the Deaflympics went to its final stage. Today the semifinals in men’sand women’s competitions will be played.

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Medalists in parallel slalom are defined

Today, on April’03 snowboarders were competing in parallel slalom in the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny urman”. The winners are Cecilia Emma Hanhikoski from Finland and Harada Noboru from Japan. 

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The peculiarities of deaf hockey in Kazakhstan

After 3 games played in the group stage of Deaflympic ice-hockey tournament Kazakhstan has 43 missed and 0 scored goals. This article of the media-center of the Deaflympics is about the newcomer of the...