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Competitions in Perm will check how the skiers are ready for the Deaflympics


The final cross-country skiing competitions for national team of Russia before the Deaflympics are taking place on March’3-6 in Perm.

Around 100 athletes from 10 regions of Russia are participating in the National Cross-country Skiing Championships for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes. Medaleventswillbeheldin 3 disciplines.

Today athletes are competing in classic style individual race. Men will run 5 km, while women will have 5 km distance.

On March’4 the winner will be defined in classic style sprint. Qualifications will start at 11 a.m.

March’5 is a day of rest. On the final day of the competitions the winners will be known in 15 km freestyle race for men and 10 km freestyle race for women.

According to the coaching team, the competitions will allow to check if the Deaflympic team is ready for the forthcoming competitions, to define their weaknesses that are possible to be smoothened before the Games in Khanty-Mansiysk.

It is to be reminded that the Deaflympic team of Russia includes 5 cross-country skiers from Ugra, 8 athletes from Komi republic and 1 athlete from Perm region.


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