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Competitions in Perm will define the final team list for the Deaflympics

On March’1-7 Deaflympic skiing team will take part in the National Cross-country Skiing Championships of Russia in Perm. Coaching personnel will define the Deaflympic team list basing on the results of these competitions.

The team members will have a very busy schedule in Khanty-Mansiysk: skiathlon will open the competition program, sprint will come next, after this, women will have 2 days of rest while men will compete in relay and team sprint. The Deaflympic cross-country skiing competitions will end with the most fascinating and popular discipline – mass start.  It is expected that best deaf skiers from 15 countries will compete in these races including 4 athletes from Turkey – a country where skiing is an exotic sport.

On the threshold of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics Russia is one of the leaders in cross-country skiing. On the last Deaflympics in Salt Lake City (2007) cross-country skiers from our country won 10 gold medals in 9 medal events. The 10th medal was won in sprint when Sergey Yermilov and Vladimir Mayorov finished with the same best time.

It is obvious, that the competition inside our national team will be very tough. Representatives of Ugra Sergey Yermilov and Anna Fedulova are unofficial leaders of it. Sergey has already participated in 2 Deaflympics and has 2 Deaflympic gold medals. Anna has won a title of Deaflympic champion 7 times; her debut was in 1999 on Deaflympics in Switzerland.

According to the rules of Deaflympics, only 4 athletes from one country can take part in each discipline. At the moment our national Deaflympic cross-county skiing team consists of 8 men and 6 women. Experts say, that our main competitors will be the team of Ukraine.


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