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Curling: an overview of the 5th day of the tournament


Today on women’s curling tournament 4 semifinalists were defined. They will now compete in play-off for the medals of the Deaflympics. The last round of men’s tournament is still to be played. It will define the fourth team that will get to play-off.

In round robin of women’s tournament the leader is the team of Canada. It has lost only one game on the Deaflympics playing against Hungary, the game ended with the score 14:8 for Hungary.

Women’s team of Russia has got to the semifinals defeating Croatia with the score 6:7 on Wednesday. However, Croatia still has a chance for grudge match, as these two countries meet again in semifinals. Russian players say that they don’t matter who to play against in play-off; the team feels determined to win in every game.

The last place in semifinals was given to China. The team defeated South Korea with the score 9:4. Still in order to compete for gold China will need to beat the leader of the tournament – team of Canada.

In men’s competitions China, Canada and Switzerland has already got to the semifinals. The fourth country participating in play-off will be defined in the final round robin. As for men’s team of Russia, it won the games of last two rounds defeating Croatia and USA. During the tournament the coaches of Russia changed the skip and this had a positive result on the games.

The team of China continues to win all its games. Now it’s the only team in men’s tournament that hasn’t lost a single game.







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