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Deaflympic alpine skiers will take part in competitions for healthy athletes

In the process of getting ready for Deaflympics deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes will participate in the Cup of Russia – alpine skiing competitions for healthy athletes – that will take place on February 12-15 in the vicinity of Mountain Elbrus.

Alpine skiing is one of the tensest and the moist exciting disciplines of Deaflympics, the competition in it is very high.  This is the oldest discipline of the Games being included in the program of Deaflympics in 1949. Traditionally, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic and Japan are the leaders in alpine skiing. During 9 days of Deaflympics athletes from 20 countries will hold medal events in 5 alpine skiing disciplines. Four of them will take place in Magnitogorsk and one – slalom – in Khanty-Mansiysk.

These days our Deaflympic athletes are having their training session on alpine skiing complex “Arhyz” in Karachay-Cherkessia. According to the chief coach Uruslan Dzharashtiev, middle altitude conditions will allow athletes “to flush the lungs with air” and to gain the optimal shape for Deaflympics. Upon the results of two Cups of Russia expanded lineup of national team was chosen. Itconsistsof 9 menand 6 women. “Our main aim is not only to train athletes for these competitions and to get their optimal physical shape but to avoid traumas. That’s why when choosing athletes for every certain discipline of the competitions in February we will take into consideration their sport conditions», – says Uruslan Dzharashtiev. After the end of the Cup of Russia Deaflympic alpine skiing team will go to their training session in Dombay, North Caucasus. There the final lineup of the national team that will represent Russia on the XVIII Winter Deaflympics will be approved. The final stage of the training will take place on the alpine skiing complex “Metallurg-Magnitogorsk”.


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