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Deaflympic athletes have proved their sportsmanship


On the first day of the National Cross-country Skiing Championships for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes the medal-winners of men’s and women’s individual classic races were defined. Top positions in both races belong to the members of the Deaflympic team of Russia.

In men’s race gold medal was given to Vladimir Majorov from Komi republic with a result 28 min. 15 sec. Second and third places belong to athletes from Ugra Sergey Yermilov (28 min. 27 sec.) and Stepan Kuznetsov (29 min. 01 sec.).

In women’s 5 km race gold and bronze medals went to athletes from Komi republic Raisa Golovina (15 men. 54 sec.) and Lyubov Misharina (16 min. 48 sec.). Athlete from Ugra Anna Fedulova is on the second place.

It is to be noted that the competitions are held on the cross-county skiing base «Permskiye medvedi». The program of the championships includes two more games – classic sprint and free-style race. After the end of the competitions Deaflympic team members will have their final training sessions together with the teams of their regions.


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