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Deaflympic stamps were franked today in Khanty-Mansiysk

Tomorrow, on March’28 upon the end of the Opening Ceremony of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics “Russian Post” has held an official event of franking stamps and postcards with mascots of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics.


The honor to frank the first stamps was given to the Minister of Sport of Russia Vitaly Mutko, the active governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova, the ICSD President Valery Rukhledev and the RCDS President Alexander Romanstov.


The distinguished quests of the event have franked stamps, postcards and vignettes with Deaflympic mascot.


Stamp collectors will have an opportunity to buy the franked stamps in mini-office of “Russian Post” in “Olympiyskaya” hotel. A mini-post-office provides exclusive post services to its quests: a tour in the history of post of XIX century, writing a retro-letter and traditional services like sending national and international correspondence.


A wide range of stamps and postcards produced for the Deaflympics is displayed here. Some of them are dedicated to the places of interest in Russia and Ugra.

The collectors say that franking stamps with a special postmark of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics will make them cost several times more. Stamps and postcard that won’t be sold during the days of competitions will go to the post offices of Khanty-Mansiysk.


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