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Deaflympics 2015: Extreme Park in the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”


Sportbox.ru continues to write a bouts portvenues of theWinterDeaflympicsthatwillbeheldinKhanty-MansiyskandMagnitogorskfromMarch’29 tillApril’05. This time it will told about the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” that will host competitions in 2 sport disciplines.

Name: The alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”

Functioning since: 2004

Capacity: 3 000 spectators

Main trail parameters: vertical drop -120 m, length 650 m, width – 100 m.

Disciplines: snowboard, alpine skiing (slalom)



The alpine complex «Khvoyny Urman» is located in the central part of the city in

the nature park “Samarovsky Tchugas” and is a part of the Alexander Filipenko Winter Sport Center. It was decided to build an alpine skiing complex during the process of redesign of a biathlon stadium, so in 2004 the first stage of construction works was finished.

Traditionally for Khanty-Mansiysk, it was decided to do this with a solid approach: the 650 m long trail has the ropeway, which is equipped with a combined carriage rolling stock – 8-sitter gondolas and 4-sitter open chairs and has three intermediate stations; it connects “Khvoyny Urman” with the hotel complex “On seven hills”. The trail is also equipped with the safety systems and a professional timing system necessary for conducting sport events.  Besides, the complex contains a 250 m training trail with a drag lift. Besides there are trails for parallel snowboarding disciplines. Thecomplexalsohassnow-machines.

Since the year of its opening “Khvoyny Urman” was hosting the National Snowboarding Championships and Cups of Russia, as well as regional alpine skiing and snowboarding tournaments.


The alpine skiing complex is going to be the venue of the Deaflympics with the most tight schedule — during 8 days there will be held 12 medals events here. In addition to snowboarding, it will also host competitions in alpine skiing slalom. The competition program will include not only traditional parallel disciplines, but such disciplines like board-cross, half-pipe and slopestyle, that are new for Khanty-Mansiysk.

— We will start preparing the trails in the nearest future, – says the general manager of the Centre Nikolay Vtorushin, – The most difficult task for us is to make a half-pipe, as we have no experience building it. Nowwearemakingsnowforit. We have asked the national federation for a help and they have provided us with a specialist – Alexey Yanvaryov – who will be in charge of making a pipe for us. We plan to start its building on February’15 and finish it in a month. As for slopestyle and board-cross, the trails for these disciplines are already being made. One of the coaches of the Deaflympic team of Russia – Roman Alexeevskiy – is in charge of making them.

According to Nikolay Vtorushin, the process of making trails for these 2 disciplines will be finished on March’05. A halfpipewillbemadetillMarch’15. It is already possible to train on the trails for parallel disciplines – slalom and giant slalom. On February’14-28 Deaflympic snowboarding team of Russia will have its training session here.




9.00 Slopestyle, qualification

14.00 Slopestyle, final



9.00 Parallel giant slalom, qualification

14.00 Parallel giant slalom, final



9.00 Half-pipe, qualification

14.00 Half-pipe, final



9.00 Parallel slalom, qualification

14.00 Parallel slalom, final



9.00 Board-cross, qualification

12.00 Board-cross, final

14.00 Slalom (alpine skiing), 1st attempt

17.00 Slalom (alpine skiing), 2nd attempt


Resource: www.sportbox.ru


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