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Deaflympics 2015: Faster, higher, more spectacularly

In its series of publications dedicated to Deaflympic sports, Sportbox.ru is now presenting the most spectacular and diverse disciplines in which the national team of Russia will be participating for the first time.


Not long ago snowboarding was considered to be a sport of reckless adrenalin addicts and now it is very popular among young people. The Deaflympic debut of snowboarding was in 1999 in Davos as a demonstration event. It is worth noting that a year earlier, in 1998 snowboarding was first included in the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. In 2003 in Sundsvall, Sweden the first Deaflympic medal events in snowboarding were held.

The team of USA was dominating in the first snowboarding competitions. Sometimes all three top places were belonging to USA athletes. But in 2007 on their home Deaflympics in Salt Lake City USA won only 1 gold medal in 5 medal events. The leader of the unofficial medal count was the team of Japan.

The history of deaf snowboarding in Russia starts in 2008 and the results of our team are very impressive. On their debut on the European Championships 2012 athletes from Russia won 17 medals, 2 of them were gold. In 2013 on the first Deaf Snowboarding World Championships held in Russia, our team was the leader of the unofficial medal count winning 5 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze medals in 10 disciplines. The fans of snowboarding hope that the slopes of the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” in Khanty-Mansiysk will also be lucky for the national team of Russia.


One of the reasons of the popularity of snowboarding among athletes and spectators is its diversity. The sport includes alpine disciplines that are also called “hard”, they are parallel slalom and giant slalom, and freestyle disciplines also called “soft”, like half-pipe and slopestyle. Boardercross combines competition on the track with acrobatic elements.

Khanty-Mansiysk will host men’s and women’s snowboarding competitions in all 5 disciplines. Around 70 athletes from 13 countries will participate in them. The main competitor of Russian team are the traditional world leaders in snowboarding — Japan, USA, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and Norway.

The national team of Russia

The national team of Russia is coming to the home Deaflympics in a very good condition. The team includes 5 reigning world champions; one of them is a superstar – that is 36 y.o. Roman Khamitsevich who is competing in parallel disciplines. A very good performance is also shown by Vladimir Savenkov, Ella Shevlyakova, Svetlana Anisimova and Maria Kapustkina. The final list of snowboarding team members includes 15 athletes from 5 regions of Russia. FansfromUgrawillparticularlysupportMariaPodorovskaya.

— Deaf snowboarding is developing very fast, we have already held 5 National Championships and 4 Cups of Russia, — says a head coach of the national team Pavel Diakov. — Following the results of the National Championships, that took place in Udmurtia, athletes from Moscow are the unofficial leaders of team total. ThencomesnowboardersfromSaint-PetersburgandNovosibirsk.

In the process of getting ready for the competitions the team was divided into two groups – participants of soft disciplines and hard disciplines are training separately. The athletes were training abroad, as well as in Sochi and Khanty-Mansiysk. The final training sessions will be held in March in Moscow and in Moscow region.

The national team of Russia (a chief coach — Pavel Diakov)

Men: Nikita Diakov, Igor Ishatenko, Alexey Ignatenko, Nikita Komissarov, Stanislav Sokolov (all athletes are from Moscow), Dmitry Kazakov, Roman Khamitsevich (both athletes are from Saint-Petersburg), Vladimir Savenkov (Novosibirsk region);

Women: Svetlana Anisimova (Moscow region), Uliana Golubeva (Saint-Petersburg), Maria Kapustkina, Ekaterina Lyusina, Anna Surmilina (all athletes are from Moscow), Maria Podorovskaya (Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug), Ella Shevlyakova (Novosibirsk region).



9.00 Slopestyle, qualifications

14.00 Slopestyle, finals



9.00 Parallel Giant Slalom, qualifications

14.00 Parallel Giant Slalom, finals



9.00 Half-pipe, qualifications

14.00 Half-pipe, finals



9.00 Parallel Slalom, qualifications

14.00 Parallel Slalom, finals



9.00 Boardercross, qualifications

12.00 Boardercross, finals



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