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Deaflympics 2015: formula for success


Sportbox.ru continues to write about the sports included in the program of the Winter Deaflympics. This article is devoted to cross-country skiing – a sport that always guarantees medals for Russian national team.

Cross-country skiing – one of the oldest sports in the program of the Deaflympics, it was first included in the Games in 1949. Then in Seefeld, Austria two medal events in cross-country skiing were held – 16 km race and relay. Only men were participating in races. The debut of women races was in 1963 on the V Winter Deaflympics in Are, Sweden.

In 1971 athletes from USSR were participating in the Deaflympics for the first time. Since then cross-country skiing became a discipline where our national team was always getting a lot of medals. Mostly due to the success of USSR team in cross-country skiing our country was able to become a leader of unofficial medal count of all Winter Deaflympics. In 2007 in Salt Lake City Russian team has won 10 gold medals… in 9 medal events! So it is not a surprise that Russia has biggest chances for medals on the competitions in Alexander Filipenko Winter Sport Centre.

Skiers will compete in 8 medal events. Skiathlon, individual sprint and mass start races will be held for men and women. Team sprint and relay will be held only for men. More than 50 athletes from 13 countries will participate in cross-country skiing competitions. The main rival of Russian team is the team of Ukraine.


The national team of Russia

The national cross-country skiing team of Russia was formed in accordance with the results of Russian Championships 2014. Itincludes 8 menand 6 women. Manyofthem – SergeyYermilov, AlexanderDegtyannikov, AnnaFedulova, LyubovMisharina – haveabigexperienceininternationalcompetitions. Despite of his young age 28 year old Vladimir Majorov is also a two-time Deaflympic champion. A new generation of skiers is represented by Raisa Golovina, who has recently showed a very good performance on the Championships of Russia 2015.


– The current Deaflympic season is a very important period for every athlete, – says a chief coach of the national team Mikhail Grinyov. – The previous Deaflympics in Slovakia were cancelled, that’s why we are looking forward to the start of these Games. During the training sessions I see that every athlete is eager to be a member of the national Deaflympic team. The last competitions that have checked the readiness of our skiers for the Games was the National Championships that took place in Perm on March’01-07. We were also training in Sochi and Moscow and in November 2014 we were having a training session in Khanty-Mansiysk.
The national team of Russia (the chief coach — Michail Grinyov)

Men: Alexey Groshev, Sergey Yermilov, Stepan Kuznetsov (all athletes are from Ugra), Alexander Degtyannikov (Perm region), Ivan Martyushev, Vladimir Majorov, Dmitry Rybin, Roman Chirkov (all athletes are from Komi republic);

Women: Ekaterina Belova, Raisa Golovina, Lyubov Misharina, Natalia Smirmova (all athletes are from Komi republic), Tatiana Gorbunova, Anna Fedulova (both from Ugra).




9:00 Skiathlon (women) 5+5 km

11:00 Skiathlon (men) 10+10 km


10:00 Relay 3х10 km (men)


9:00 Sprint (women)

11:00 Sprint (men)


10:00 Team sprint (men)


9:00 Mass start (women) 10 km

11:00 Mass start (men) 15 km

Resourse: www.sportbox.ru

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