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Deaflympics 2015: the pride of the country


Sportbox.ru starts to write about the sport disciplines that are included in the program of the Winter Deaflympics. The first discipline is ice hockey – one of the most popular and prestigious sports in Russia.


There’s only one medal event but 25 champions — probably that’s why ice hockey tournament stands apart from other disciplines of major international complex winter sport competitions. Although in 2014 on Olympics in Sochi Russia was the leader of the unofficial medal count, the biggest disappointment of our sport fans was a bad performance of our ice-hockey team. As for Russian sledge-hockey team that has won silver of Paralympics, very soon they have become the heroes of the country. That’s why it is obvious that ice-hockey tournament will be one of the main events of the forthcoming Deaflympics that will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk from March’28 till April’05.

Ice-hockey was included in the program of the Deaflympics in 1975 on the Games in Lake-Placid. Then for 16 years tournaments in this discipline were not conducted. The return of this sport in Deaflympics was in 1991 in Banff, Canada. However, to the great disappointment of local ice-hockey fans, it’s not Canadian team that became the champion of the tournament but team of the USSR. Obviously that tournament was the last one for the Soviet team. The team of Russian Federation was not yet able to renew this success, though Russian ice-hockey team was participating in Deaflympics four times, three of them our team was a medal-winner. So this is especially important for our squad to become a champion of Deaflympic ice-hockey tournament for the first time in 24 years in our home country.


Five national teams of Russia, Canada, USA, Finland and Kazakhstan will participate in ice-hockey tournament on “Arena Ugra”. They will play with each other in group stage and then 4 best teams will meet in semifinals.

At the moment the only outsider of the tournament is team of Kazakhstan. Allotherparticipatingteamshaveverybigchancesforthemedals.

The national team of Russia

Russian team is the current world champion and has a big experience. The most experienced athletes of the team are Oleg Danilenko and Stanislav Khakimov. Tis will be the fifth Deaflympics in their sport career! Their debut in the national Deaflympic ice-hockey team was in 1995. The athletes are two time silver medalists and bronze medalists of the previous Deaflympic Games.

Other six team members — Dmitry Arsenyev, Andrei Proudnikov, Vyacheslav Kazantsev, Yury Izmaylov, Stanislav Ilichyov  and Roman Tchernov — will participate in the Deaflympics for the third time. On the last Deaflympics in Salt Lake City in 2007 they were playing together with Andrey Vasilevsky. The famous goal-keeper of the past, whose son is now playing in NHL, will come to Khanty-Mansiysk as a chief coach of Deaflympic ice-hockey team.

— The team was formed in 2014 in accordance with the results of the National Championship,- says Andrey Vasilevsky, –  7 regional teams were paerticipating in the Championship, for the first time in history the winner was team of Tver region.  Silver medal was won by team of Moscow, Bashkortostan was on the third place. Our national team mostly consists of athletes from these 3 regions.

The main venue for training of the national ice-hockey team is the “Oka” training centre, that was build several years ago in Alexin, Tula region. That’s where the last training session was held in February. The final training camp before the Deaflympics will take place from March’11 till March’23.

Members of the national team of Russia: (a chief coach — Andrey Vasilevsky)

Dmitry Arsenyev, Vadim Mazurskiy, Vitaliy Mokhov, Andrei Proudnikov, Arthur Shimarov (all athletes are from Tver region), Sergey Berlizov, Rustam Gafurbaev, Orhan Kazimov, Roman Lukyanov, Vladimir Mashkov (all athletes are from Moscow), Konstantin Gamayurov, Pavel Yevtushenko, Stanislav Ilichyov, Sergey Kikin, Vyacheslav Sidorov, Stanislav Khakimov, Sergey Yushkin, Dmitry Yadryshnikov (all athletes are from Bashkortostan), Vyacheslav Kazantsev, Oleg Danilenko, Yury Izmaylov, Alexei Kulikovskiy, Roman Tchernov, Iliya Shevtsov (all athletes are from Novosibirsk region), Dmitry Dernov (Yekaterinburg region).

The tournament schedule


15.00 Group stage game

19.00 Group stage game


15.00 Group stage game

19.00 Group stage game


15.00 Group stage game

19.00 Group stage game


15.00 Group stage game

19.00 Group stage game


15.00 Group stage game

19.00 Group stage game


15.00 Semifinal

19.00 Semifinal


14.00 Bronze medal game

17.00 Final

Resource: www.sportbox.ru


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