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Deaflympics 2015: Time to gather stones


The next Sportbox.ru article, dedicated to the disciplines of Winter Deaflympics, is about curling – the youngest sport in the program of the Games. Men’s and women’s teams of Russia will have their debut on the Deaflympics; however, they both have very big chances to be the medal-winners of the Deaflympic curling tournament.


Curling is the youngest discipline in the program of the Deaflympics. Deaflympic medals in this game with stones, which is often called chess and billiards on ice, were first awarded on the previous Winter Deaflympics 2007 in Salt Lake City, USA. Both in men’s and women’s tournaments Canada became a gold medalist winning USA in the final games. The only chances for all other teams were to get bronze medals. The same situation was on the first Deaf Curling World Championships.

But this was until the debut of the national curling teams of Russia in international competitions. Although the history of deaf curling in Russia starts in 2008, the level of our athletes is very high. Women team is the gold medalist of the World Championships 2013, men have won silver of the tournament. And on the European Deaf Curling Championships that took place in Sochi in autumn 2014 the success of Russian teams was full – gold medals in both men’s and women’s tournaments were won by Russia. That’s why our national squads are among the favorites of these Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk.


The curling tournament will take place in the Ice Palace of the capital of Ugra. 9 men and 8 women teams will compete for Deaflympic medals. First they will participate in the group stage of the tournament, and then top teams will take part in play-off games in semifinals. The final games will define gold and silver medalists of the tournament.

According to the experts, the main rivals of Russian teams are Canada which is the current Deaflympic champion and Japan in men’s tournament and Croatia in women’s tournament.

The national team of Russia

The curling teams of Russia were formed in 2014 in accordance with the results of the National Championships and the Cup of Russia and include athletes from 5 country regions.

The key members of men’s team are from Chelyabinsk region. They are the winners of the Cup of Russia and silver medalists of the National Championships. Yuri Makeev will be the skip and Alexander Pyatkov will be the vice-skip.

In women’s squad three out of five members are from Kaliningrad region. Other two athletes are from Moscow. It is not a surprise – teams of these regions were playing in the finals of two major national tournaments and each team won gold in one competitions. The skip of the team will be Svetlana Tsedik from Moscow; the vice-skip will be Olga Yaroslavtseva from Kaliningrad.

– We have very ambitious plans for these debut Deaflympics – to become medals-winners, preferably gold or silver, – says a coach of the national team of Russia Oleg Grigorenko, – We hope that the fact that this will be our home Deaflympics will help us. It’s more difficult to win the road games.

This year the process of getting ready for the Deaflympics has started with two training sessions in Sochi. Now the Deaflympic teams are training in Dmitrov, Moscow regions.

The national team of Russia (a chief coach — Vladimir Felde)

Men: Oleg Darchiev, Yuri Makeev, Alexander Pyatkov (athletes from Chelyabinsk and Moscow regions), Denis Draga (Tomsk region), Roman Golushko (Saint-Petersburg);

Women: Tatiana Karpushenkova, Yulia Tretyakova, Olga Yaroslavtseva (all athletes are from Kaliningrad region), Svetlana Tsedik, Elena Shagieva (both athletes are from Moscow).




9.00 Group stage. Men. 1st tour.

14.00 Group stage. Women. 1st tour

18.00 Group stage. Men. 2nd tour.


9.00 Group stage. Women. 2nd tour.

14.00 Group stage. Men. 3rd tour.

18.00 Group stage. Women. 3rd tour.


9.00 Group stage. Men. 4th tour.

14.00 Group stage. Women. 4th tour.

18.00 Group stage. Men. 5th tour.


9.00 Group stage. Women. 5th tour.

14.00 Group stage. Men. 6th tour.

18.00 Group stage. Women. 6th tour.


9.00 Group stage. Men. 7th tour.

14.00 Group stage. Women. 7th tour.

18.00 Group stage. Men. 8th tour.


9.00 Group stage. Men. 9th tour.

14.00 Play-off


9.00 Play-off

14.00 Semifinals


14.00 Finals

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