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Deaflympics will stimulate the development of new sports in Ugra


A press-conference dedicated to the upcoming XVIII Winter Deaflympics was held in the Government of Ugra.

The speaker of the meeting was the deputy governor of Ugra Alexey Putin.

He told that at the moment the city is combat-ready for the Deaflympics. “On March’28 the official Opening Ceremony of the Games and the Deaflympic torch relay will be held. 18 torch-bearers including the living sport legend of Ugra Alexey Ashapatov will participate in them”.

“As for the readiness of sport venues, the Winter Sport Centre is absolutely ready, – said Alexey Putin. – The final ice-making works and building in the signaling equipment are done in “Arena Ugra”. The Ice Palace was the venue that was modified the most; it will be hosting the curling tournament. The ice-hockey rink was partially deconstructed and quest experts are making ice and markings of the curling sheets. The final works are also done in the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”. The final inspection of the sport venues will be done tomorrow, on March’26”.

The deputy head of the region has added that Deaflympics will stimulate the development of new sports in Ugra, such as curling and acrobatic disciplines in snowboarding.

Besides, Alexey Putin has told the journalists about the new measures applied to provide safety to the spectators:

“We bought special equipment for hard-of-hearing athletes – vibrobracelets that will produce a signal in case of emergency”.

More than that, infrascopes brought here from Kazan will be placed on all sport venues.

“Khanty-Mansiysk is well-known as a sport city. Biathlon competitions are successfully held here, recently the capital of Ugra has become the international chess center, this makes possible to develop tourist on the territory of the region, which is very good”, – underlined Alexey Putin.

He has also added that Deaflympics is an important event for the whole sport community and Ugra will conduct it on a very high level.

It is to be reminded that the Winter Deaflympics will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk from March’28 till April’05. The program of the Games includes competitions in 5 sport disciplines: snowboarding, ice-hockey, cross-country skiing, curling and alpine skiing. 344 athletes from 27 countries will participate in the Deaflympics.

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