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Deaflympics will stimulate the popularization of snowboard cross and slopestyle in Ugra


The process of building the trails for snowboard cross and slopestyle on the hills of alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman” in Khanty-Mansiysk is in full swing. This was done by experienced “shapers”. One of them – a coach of the Deaflympic snowboarding team of Russia Roman Alexeevskiy – has told us about getting the trails ready for the Games.

– Every trail has its own specific features and standards. It will take too much time to list all of them. The hill itself is very important – its width, length and vertical drop.  What makes our situation more difficult is that both trails – for slopestyle and for snowboard cross – will be located on one hill. Wehavealreadydonethisinotherplaces, forexample, inSochi. Todothisweneededalotofsnow, around 50 000 squaremeters.

The good machinery of the alpine skiing complex allowed us to distribute the snow along the hill quickly. , It is worth noting that snow machines were bought specially for these Deaflympics and will stay in Khanty-Mansiysk after the Games. This is very good because it will make possible building high-class trails for alpine skiing and snowboarding in the capital of Ugra. It will stimulate the popularization of these sports in Ugra.

– Tell us about the configuration of the trail?

– As for the trail for snowboard cross, the start here is rather flat where technically difficult figures are made, then go waves an after them a sharp incline and traditionally it ends with a finish jump ramp to make a show for the spectators.

It is a very good trail for our team. It is pity that we will not be able to train on it before the Games.


Roman, how was the team getting ready for the Deaflympics?

– In summer 2014 we went to France to train in halfpipe – to work out our programs and to practice. Then we spent August in Sochi. In autumn we were training in slopestyle and snowboard cross in Austria and in December we were in Krasnoyarsk. Soon athletes will have their final training session in Moscow.

What athletes of our team have the biggest chances for victory?

– In women’s competitions I think it is Ella Shevlyakova. Last season she won the Championships of Russia and now her success is very impressive. I think she will be among leaders both in slopestyle and snowboard cross.

As for men’s competitions, all our four athletes are very strong. In snowboard cross we rely on Vladimir Savenkov, Alexey Ignatenko and Dmitry Kazakov. In slope style the leader is Stanislav Sokolov.


Slopestyle is a winter sport in which athletes ski or snowboard down a course including a variety of obstacles including rails, jumps and other terrain park features. Points are scored for amplitude, originality and quality of tricks. The discipline has its roots in action sports like skateboarding and BMX and has very successfully crossed over into the snow sports worlds of skiing and snowboard.

Snowboard cross (or boardercross) is a snowboard competition in which a four to six snowboarders race down a course. The discipline is included in the program of Winter Olympics since 2006.

Boardercross courses are typically quite narrow and include cambered turns, various types of jumps, berms, rollers, drops, steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders’ ability to stay in control while maintaining maximum speed..


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