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Donald McKee: To play hockey in Russia is a priceless experience for us


The coach of the team of Canada has commented on the performance of his team on the Winter Deaflympics.

– Frankly speaking, I didn’t like our performance on the tournament. Our team is pretty young so we didn’t manage to overcome the emotions. The team of Russia was trained very well. They played perfect in defense. The most disappointing thing is that we didn’t use our chances in powerplay. I congratulate the team of Russia on its victory. They deserved this medal!

– What did not allow you to win the tournament?

– 5 our players were not able to come here due to their personal circumstances. I think we just didn’t have enough players and this was the biggest loss for us.

– What emotions are you bringing back home with you from Khanty-Mansiysk?

– I want all my athletes to understand that this was a perfect experience for them. To play hockey in Russia is priceless.

– What can you say to sport fans that came to Russia to support your team?

– We appreciate their support very much. We have thousands of fans who are watching live broadcasting in internet and support us. They are sending us a lot of congratulations. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to congratulate us with today. And the fans here are great! We thank all of them!


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