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Duets from Russia, Ukraine and China won medals in team sprint


On Thursday one more medal event was held in the Alexander Filipenko Winter Sport Center. Gold in the most spectacular discipline of cross-country skiingmen’s team sprint was won by Russian team, Ukraine got silver. Chinareceived bronze.

«We were training to participate in sprint and our main goal was to win gold in this discipline. Sergey (Sergey Yermilov) and I knew from the very beginning that we will be competing together. Adayofrestthatwehadyesterdaydidusgood. It allowed us to prepare for this race. Sprint is my favorite discipline. On our first leg we didn’t ski too fast trying to preserve our strengths, we were faster on the second leg and on the final leg we were doing our best trying to intensify the pace. By the way, the 3rd leg was the easiest both for me and for Yermilov. The track was very good, thanks to service team», – shares his emotions Vladimir Mayorov.


His partner in team’s sprint, Sergey Yermilov from Ugrasaid the team of Ukraine was a strong competitor and thanked waxing team for their assistance: «Our victory is not only about tactics and team work; it is also about good waxing of skis. Thanks to our service team – part of this medal belongs to them».


Chinese cross-country skiers Xiaokun Zhang and Jianchao Ren were happy to win one more bronze medal of the competitions – 2 days ago they were 3rd in relay and today they repeated their success again: «We are happy with our 3rd place. I would not say this was very difficult; we did our best to be on the podium again. The weather was very lucky for us, it was warm, but still the track was very good. Now we have two bronzes – this is a perfect result! We hope that our medals will stimulate the development of deaf cross-country skiing in China. We have a very nice skiing center on the north of China in the vicinity of Harbin in Heilongjiang province. The World Winter Universiad 2009 was held there. So the conditions for training are very good».


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