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Goalkeeper of deaf hockey team of USA: Today we realized that Russia has a strong team

Representatives of teams of USA and Russia have commented on their game played on April’01.

_BNV6535A forward of team of Russia Dmitry Yadryshmikov: Americans were playing good, but we were doing our best as well. Thanks for all fans who came to see the game today! We felt their support. I am so happy and so tired.

A defenseman of team of Russia Konstantin Gamayurov: The score was equal just a few seconds before the end of the 3rd period. We didn’t want to play in overtime; we were hoping to win in regulation. And we managed to do this. The game was played on equal terms and by the equally strong teams. Here, on the Deaflympics, all our competitors are very strong. The result of the game today depended on the decision of referees and it was made in favor of our team. As they say, luck accompanies the strongest.

A coach of Russian team Alexander Ershov: Yes, today we won. We had a day-off, but I would not say this was good for us. It is better if you are playing all the time.  Breaksmakeyoufeeltoorelaxed. I took a small icon with me here and was carrying it during the game. Maybe it helped us. The score says everything; the game today was played by teams that are equally strong and professional. Our next game will be against Finland. I think it will be less difficult but still there’s no time to feel ourselves on the safe side.

A goalkeeper of USA team Jerry Mansfielf: We lost our chance in the very end. The team was doing its best. Today we realized that Russia has a strong team. Our spirits are low. We will discuss all the mistakes we made before our next game with Kazakhstan, and then we’ll see.

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