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Ice and stone. The overview of the Deaflympic curling tournament

In the end of every big international event it is supposed to sum it up and to name its heroes that will be written down in the history of sport.  Curling is a rather new sport for Russia. Still it’s becoming more popular among people, thanks to Sochi and, of cause, to Khanty-Mansiysk.  The final games of the Deaflympic tournament were as exciting and spectacular as hockey and snowboarding disciplines.

The heroes of the tournament


Men’s team of China and women’s team of Russia became the best players of the Deaflympic curling tournament. China took the lead from the first games of the tournament and didn’t miss a single game. Still in the final game China was very close to loosing as the score was 0:6 for Canada. And then China managed to concentrate and took the initiative in its hands. China has won 5 ends in a row and won in the first end with the score gap in one stone.


As for women’s team of Russia, in the final game it was playing against China. Russia got to the play-off of the tournament winning 5 games out of 7. In semifinal game Russia defeated Croatia without any problems. In the beginning of the game Russia took the lead but then China managed to level the score. The winner was defined in the 9th end.  Chinese team made some mistakes and this didn’t allow them to win the gold of the tournament.

The lucky team of the tournament


The Goddess of Fortune is their sister or at least their close relative.  Men’s team of Russia was far from being successful in the beginning of the tournament. It lost 4 games in a row and didn’t have any chances to get to the play-off stage of the competitions. This was announced by the coaches of the team.  Still luck was accompanying the host country of the Deaflympics. Due to the technical penalty the team of Japan has to play in a tie-break with Russia and lost the game. In the semifinals the future gold medalist of deaf curling tournament – team of China – defeated Russia with the score gap in 1 stone. In the bronze medal game Russia defeated Switzerland with ease thus winning the medals of the Deaflympics.

The coach of the tournament


The coach of women’s team of Russia Vitaly Karpinskiy managed to form a strong, united and effective team. After the final game he looked tired but was happy and joyful.

«Actually, I was feeling very nervous before the final game. I said to the girls that we’ve done everything we’ve planned and this is just a bonus. A very pleasant one. They were not sleeping well and felt nervous. In the break I said them: «Feel relaxed, don’t get out of order. Our competitors are very close to cracking. They are making a lot of mistakes, they will give up first». And this came true», – said the coach of the champions.

The sport fan of the tournament


The members of delegations of participating countries were supporting their curling teams. Of cause, the warmest support was shown by Russian sport fans. But we would also like to mention the pretty girl from Japan, who was wearing traditional Japanese clothes for all the games of her home country and was cheering up her compatriots with great joy.

The media team

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Thankstoeverybodywhowaswithusthesedays. We did our best to show you all the emotions of “the game of roaring stones”.  See you again!


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