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Ivan Urgant and Alexander Zoubkov have showed their support of the Deaflympics

A TV anchorman, actor and musician Ivan Urgant took part in the countdown of days left before the beginning of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk.

Today is the last day of the countdown relay celebrating the days left before the lighting of the Deaflympic cauldron. Famous athletes and public figures have participated in this initiative. A popular anchorman from Russia is holding a sign with a phrase «1 day left before the Deaflympics». The two-time Olympic champion in bob-sleigh and the flag bearer of the national team of Russia on Olympics in Sochi Alexander Zoubkov has also participated in the countdown relay.


Every day during the last 20 days on the official pages of the organizing committee in social networks a photo of some famous athlete holding a tablet with a number of days left before the Games was posted. The following people have participated in popularization of deaf sports: Victor Tikhonov (ice-hockey), Sergey Tchoudinov (skeleton), Iya Gavrilova (women ice-hockey), Ilya Kovalchuk (ice-hockey), Olga Medvedtseva (biathlon), Nikolay Olyunin (snowboarding), Dmitry Trounenkov (bob-sleigh), Olga Potylitsyna (skeleton), Alexey Volkov (biathlon), Yekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Solovyov (figure skating), Tatiana Ivanova (luge), Alyona Zavarzina (snowboarding), Nikolay Terentiev (sledge hockey), Alexander Tretyakov (skeleton), Alexey Ashapatov (track-and-firld events, Paralympics), Vik Wilde (snowboarding), Alexander Legkov (cross-country skiing), Anna Sidorova (curling), Alexander Zoubkov (bob-sleigh) and Ivan Urgant (anchorman, actor, musician and showman).

It is to be reminded that the Winter Deaflympics (the World Games for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes – renamed into the Deaflympic Games by the decision of IOC in May 2001) will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk and Magnitogorsk from March’28 till April’05. The competitions will be held in 5 disciplines – snowboarding, ice-hockey, cross-country skiing, curling and alpine skiing. This will be the first time the Games will be held in Russia. Besides, these Deaflympics will have the biggest number of participating countries (teams from 27 countries are going to take part in the competitions).

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