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Journalist from South Korea: I was surprised that people in Russia are so friendly

Around 100 journalists are making coverage of the Winter Deaflympics. Among them are foreign media teams that came to Russia for the first time to tell people about performance of their national deaf teams in the Games. Youngmin An from South Koreais one of them. A journalist and a photographer has told about his impressions about Russia and the capital of the Deaflympics.


– I was very surprised when I came here. Before this visit I thought that people in Russia are not very friendly, because it is always very cold here. I was glad to see nice and outgoing people that smile a lot. This is really impressive! I also thought it would be very dangerous here but I was wrong. A lot of attention was paid to security on the Games. Andyouhaveverynicefood. I like it.

Tell us what is your profession in South Korea?

– I am a sport journalist, a freelancer. I am here to give coverage of the Deaflympics. I am making photos of South Korean team playing curling, all the games are very interesting and the photos are good and expressive.

Victor Ahn is a national hero in Russia. What is the attitude towards him in South Korea? After all, he won 3 Olympic medals for Russia not for South Korea

– In Korea Victor Ahn, his Korean name isHyun-soo Ahn, is also a hero. Of cause there were some difficulties with the national speed-skating committee, but ordinary people of Korea like him and are proud of him. They respect him because he didn’t put on airs, was not acting like he is a star now, he is just a regular guy. Bytheway, weareremoterelatives.

What places have you already visited in Khanty-Mansiysk?

– I have seen main places of interest in Khanty-Mansiysk. I was in Archaeopark; saw a beautiful building of Ugra Chess Academy. I visited the central square and the biathlon stadium. Everything is very beautiful and nice!


Is it cold for a journalist from South Korea to stay in Siberia?

– The weather is cold here but I feel ok. It is very warm inside and I spent more time inside the buildings than outside (smiles).

What are your impressions about the city and our region?

– Your city and region are very nice; I know that you have a lot of oil here. I like that Khanty-Mansiysk is so small and compact. Although Russia is a very big country. It is nice to stay in such a beautiful city where everything is so close.


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