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Curling: an overview of the 4th day of the tournament


The group stage of deaf curling tournament that goes in accordance with round robin system is turning to its crucial point.  National teams try their best to be among 4 top teams that will be fighting for the medals in play-off of the tournament. First semi-finals will be held on April’04 and on April’05 fans of curling will be able to watch the finals.

Some teams participating in the tournament don’t have any motivation already because they lost any chances to be on the podium of the Deaflympics. Amongthemismen’steamofRussia. The team of host-country won only one game out of five and thus is not competing for the medals of the tournament. To everybody’s surprise today men’s curling team of Russia was defeated by South Korea. Upon the end of the game coaches of Russian team tried to explain the losses of Russia by a high level of training in other teams. They also mentioned that curling is not getting enough support in Russia.

Two teams from Asia became the leaders of men’s curling tournament. Teams of Japan and China did not loose any of 6 games that were played by each of them and will be playing in play-off. As for other 2 places in play-off the fight for them is between teams of Canada, Switzerland, Ukraine and South Korea.

Many people were surprised today by the game Canada vs. Japan that ended with the score 6:9 for Japan. Japanese team feels very determined but still Canadian squads is sure that it is possible to defeat Japan. The team of China is also very persistent. This is one of the few teams that are never missing their evening trainings. Today China defeated Switzerland 9:8 in a hard-fought battle.

To the great delight of Russian fans in women’s tournament team of host-country has all the chances to compete for the medals of the Deaflympics. Today Russia won its 5th game on the tournament thus going to play-off. However, according to the athletes, there’s still no time to relax and feel safe, one more round is ahead. Today Russia defeated South Korea without any problems.

Together with the team of Russia the leaders of women’s tournament are China and Canada. Like Russian team, teams of these countries lost only one game of the tournament and won all other games played. Teams of Ukraine and Slovakia haven’t got any points yet. They’ve already lost their chances to get to the play-off.

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