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Lopsided victory


Kazakhstan lost one more game of the deaf hockey tournament. This time the team was playing against USA. The latter shut out with the score 20:0.

Like the first two games, this game was not easy for the team of Kazakhstan. USA was feeling very determined after loosing the game against Russia yesterday. They felt no mercy for the new-comers of deaf hockey and the score after the 1st period was 5:0 for USA. Goals in the net of Kazakhstan were thrown by brothers Gintoli.

In the end of the 2nd period the score was 9:0. Kazakhstan decided to change the goalkeeper: Sergey Fursov was changed by Vitaly Nagaev. However, until the end of the period USA scored 8 more goals. Kazakhstan tried to attack but ended in a fiasco.

One more change of a goalkeeper of Kazakhstan did not reserve the trend. USA continued to score goals. 20 missed goals is an abysmal record of the team of Kazakhstan in the tournament.


Despite of the lopsided score, the game ended with making a joint photo of two teams. Probably, we will hear again about the team of Kazakhstan participating in international competitions . Now they have a priceless experience of the Winter Deaflympics.

Garret and Piter Gintoli: «We didn’t have an opportunity to play together before. These are our first games in one team. Of cause, this game was not very difficult for us. Our competitors tried hard and they don’t feel sad now. They will have a lot of good games ahead. This was a very nice tournament and we were like one team».

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