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Lyubov Misharina and Vladimir Mayorov: “We want to walk the length and breadth of Khanty-Mansiysk”

This November the merited masters of sport Lyubov Misharina and Vladimir Mayorov were on the regular training session of the national team of Russia in Khanty-Mansiysk, the capital of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics. Despite of their busy schedule, Lyubov and Vladimir have found time for us and have shared their impressions about the city and plans for the future.


Lyubov, how you started skiing and what is the most attractive in this sport for you?
– I was born and grown up in Syktyvkar. I was an active girl, and this was noticed by my physical training teacher, so he proposed me to go in for sport. IstartedskiingwhenIwas 13. The most impressive thing for me was a scene of a picturesque ski run, fresh air and white and sparkling snow, with snowflakes that looked like crystals. Besides, we had very good conditions for skiing, all this things have predestinated all my future life.


Lyubov, are you a superstitious person? Do you have any beliefs you follow before the competitions?
– no, I just get myself ready for a heavy race. The only thing we follow is that my parents are always staying at home during the competitions. The thing is that once my mom has decided to come for a race to support me, and on that day my performance was far from being good, so we both came to a decision that parents would stay at home from that moment on. When the race is over I am sending SMS with its results to my family and when I am back home, we watch the video of competition, made by my coach, together.


What competitions were for you the most impressive?

– Of cause, these are the Deaflympics in Salt Lake City. There I got one gold and three silver medals.
– Vladimir, tell us, where have you been born and how have you started skiing.

– I was born in Kuznetsk, Penza region. My father is an athlete, he was skiing when he was young, so my love for skiing comes from him. I tried to ski for the first time when I was 4. I started training on a more serious level when I was in primary school.


What was your first success?

– In general, I showed good results since my student years, when I was studying in Vladimir.  One of the most remarkable races for me was a 30 km race in Perm. I was 18 then, my father Alexander Mayorov and I came there to participate in the national championships for hard-of-hearing athletes.  I was a junior then and the ski was seemed to be very difficult for me.  We discussed it with my father and decided to try. Ihadasuccessandwonbronze.


In Salt Lake City Russian ski team has made impossible, it won 10 gold medals out of 9 possible. In sprint you and Sergey Ermilov have crossed the finish line together. Tell us about your impressions about that race and the Deaflympics.

– These were the first international competitions in my career. Of cause, I was very nervous and wanted to show a good performance. Sprint is a contact-associated discipline, several people are starting the race together so you need to go with the leading few, sometimes you have several races like this during one competition day so you need to do your best. We were rivals with Sergey during all the distance and we understood that the most important moments would be right before the finish line. Both of us had run as fast as we could. It is always a pleasure to be on the podium and to win gold, but this is twice more enjoyable to do it with your friend. The Deaflympics in Salt Lake City were successful for me in team sprint as well. AlexanderDegtyannikovandIhavewongold.


Lyubov, tell us, how did you meet Vladimir?

– We have known each other for a long time; we met before the Deaflympics in 2007, but we started keeping company and then dating in 2010. In 2 yearsourdaughterAlisawasborn.


Lyubov, have you always wanted to come back in”big” sport after your pregnancy? Who stays with Alisa when you are away training?

– Of cause, like many other athletes soon after the birth I started training again. My mom helps us with the daughter; she realized our situation and quitted her job in order to make it possible for me to continue my sport career. We miss our little girl very much; we are making video calls with her every day and talk to her a lot.


How do you support each other when you got good or bad results on competitions?

– We try not to show our emotions in general, especially when the results are bad. Before a start every athlete has a rule “Don’t put on a medal before you win it”, every race for us is a change we need to use.


Vladimir, was a training session in Ugra capital difficult for you? Didyouhaveachancetowalkaroundthecity?

– Yes, the starting period is always characterized by running big distances. When we had our day off the temperature outside was -30C, we only managed to go to the city centre and were surprise by its architecture, we walked through the park of Victory, saw the portrait sculptures of war heroes, and visited the Alley of sport fame. We have also bought a pair of national winter boots for our daughter – kisy. This made us very happy, because very often it is difficult to find such a small size. The city seems to be very small and cozy, so we are going to walk the length and breadth of it. We enjoyed the Alexander Philipenko Winter Sport Centre very much, we have heard about it a lot of times, we know that many ski and biathlon stars were skiing there. It was also a pleasure to know how sport is cultivated in this region. The governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova does a lot in order to make a lot of sports popular among local people. It is good that she has heard the appeal of coached and the proposal to host the Deaflympics was made.


Vladimir, what are your plans for the Winter Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk?

– We are used not to plan any medals, but after the Deaflympics I plan to make a proposal to Lyubov.

Now the most important this is to come to my ideal shape before the most important starts of the last 4 years.

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