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Maria Kapustkina «My parents are my good luck charms»

Мария КапусткинаThis athlete has a full medal range from the last Snowboard World Championships; she was winning the national competitions 12 times. The leader of the National team of deaf snowboarding Maria Kapustkina has told us about the things that help her to win and her plans for the future.

Maria, how have you decided to go into snowboarding?

– My way to snowboarding was long: when I was a little kid, I was attending swimming classes because my parents thought that this will make my spine stronger. Thenthereweretrack-and-fielddisciplinesbutIwasnotofabigsuccessinthem. LaterItriedalpineskiingbutthiswasjustahobbyforme. Then at some moment snowboard became very popular in our city, I decided to try it too, from that moment on snowboard and me are inseparable.

What are you thinking of before the competitions?

– I focus on myself; minimize my communication with the team members. When I am on a track, my only thought is not to make a mistake, not to fall down.

– Do you feel any psychological difference depending on who is your rival: if she is strong competitor or an amateur?

– I don’t care about this; my only aim is to pass the distance without mistakes. However, if my rival falls down, I feel uncomfortable, as the spirit of competition is lost.


– No, I am not a superstitious person; however, I have one habit I am following since I am a school girl. During my exams I was always taking 5 ruble coin with me, this helped me to pass them successfully.

What do your parents think about your sport activities?

– My parents are my good luck charms, they try to attend the competitions I am participating in; this is our good family tradition. They are taking care of me and supporting me. They are working at Saint-Petersburg State University, dad is a lecturer on the faculty of economics, mother is teaching on the faculty of sociology.  From the very childhood they were taking me with them on their trips, so I have visited 43 countries. They have learnt sign language when I was very little. Myfatherknowsitverywell. When we were travelling to our summer house on a train I was looking out of the window and then taking a newspaper from my dad and starting asking him questions in sign language.

Masha, what do you plan to do after the finish of your sport career?

– I have finished the National State University of physical culture, sport and health n.a. P.F. Lesgaft specializing in adaptive physical training. In the future I’d like to deal with popularization of sport for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in my native town.


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