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Maxim Palatkin: We wanted to score at least one goal

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The team of Kazakhstan will not take part in the games for medals of the Deaflympic hockey tournament; still it will try to attract public attention to itself.

Maxim Palatkin, a forward of the team of Kazakhstan: «My emotions are very positive. We tried to score during all 4 games of the group stage without any success. Finally it became our main aim to score at least one goal on this tournament to show people that we can play a good hockey. We are a team that was playing in one courtyard. In Kazakhstan deaf hockey started being cultivated only a few years ago. The conditions for training are far from being good. Mostly we are training on our own; we find an ice arena and ask to let us train on it. I hope that after these Deaflympics the attitude towards deaf sports will change in our country. This sport is watched by millions of people, I hope in the future we will have more opportunities for training and for improving our skills».

Janne Salmela, the head coach of the team of Finland: «I’d like to thank the team of Kazakhstan for coming here and participating in this tournament. During the games we realized that there are two leaders on this tournament and we are not among them. So I can say that we feel very disappointed. Our main goal now is to concentrate on our next game and to do our best in order to won bronze of the Deaflympics».


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