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Medalists in parallel slalom are defined


Today, on April’03 snowboarders were competing in parallel slalom in the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny urman”. The winners are Cecilia Emma Hanhikoski from Finland and Harada Noboru from Japan. 

In women’s final Cecilia Emma Hanhikoski was competing with Maria Kapustkina from Russia. In the 1st attempt Maria Kapustkina got a penalty and in the 2nd attempt she was 1.5 sec back the leader. Bronze was won by other Russian athlete Anna Surmilina, who was faster than her competitor Nixo Diann Lanning from USA.


In men’s competitions Russian team also won silver and bronze. The best result was shown by Noboru Harada from Japan, silver was won by Roman Khamitsevich from Russia whose 1st attempt was not very successful – he knocked down a flag and got a penalty. Bronze was given to one more Russian athlete Igor Ishatenko. In the final he won Raphael Petr from Austria in both attempts.

It is worth noting that this victory was the second one for Noboru Harada from Japan. A few days ago he won in parallel giant slalom.

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