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Meteorologists promise good weather during the Deaflympics

OnMarch’29 thefirstcompetitionsofWinterDeaflympics 2015 willstartinKhanty-Mansiysk. Cross-country skiers will be the first to compete for the medals. Since an early morning the Winter Sport Centre will be hosting cross-country skiing races in skiathlon.

Skiathlon is one of the most popular cross-country skiing disciplines. He race begins with mass-start. For the first half of the distance athletes are using one technique of skiing, for the second half they are changing their skis and finish the distance using another skiing technique. The winner is an athlete that shows best time at finish. The one who finishes first is the winner of the race.


On the same day the qualifications of snowboarders in slopestyle will start on the alpine skiing complex “Khvoyny Urman”. This is one of the most spectacular disciplines in modern snowboarding. This is one of the showiest types of freestyle. Acrobatics that is done by athletes will touch the feelings of all spectators.

By the way, meteorologists promise good spring weather in the capital of Ugra during the Deaflympics. Starting from March’ 29 марта, according to the weather forecast, it will be sunny and cloudless. The temperature will vary from – 8 to +2 Celsius.

It is to be noted that delegations from almost all countries participating in the Deaflympics have already arrived to Khanty-Mansiysk. The first official trainings are planned for March’27. The capital of Ugra will host competitions in curling, cross-country skiing, ice-hockey, alpine skiing and snowboarding. Some alpine skiing competitions will be also held in Magnitogorsk.

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