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My victory today is devoted to Russian sport fans

The second discipline of snowboarding – parallel giant slalom – was a real success for the team of home country of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics. TodayRussiawon 4 medalsofallkinds in snowboarding.

In women’s snowboarding competitions Maria Kapustkina won gold while her compatriot Anna Surmilina was on the third place. In men’s competitions Igor Ishatenko and Igor Khamitsevich got silver and bronze. The winner together with an athlete from Ugra Maria Podorovskaya who was able to get to the quarterfinals and was 6th shared their emotions. 


Maria Kapustkina, 1st place: «I devote this victory to my parents, my boyfriend and all sport fans. I can’t believe I won a gold medal. The final with a participant from Finland was very difficult. ButIhadtowin. Now I am very happy! But I am not ready to rest – I still have come plans for other competition. I am participating in 2 disciplines of the Deaflympics. I would not object to win one more medal (laughs)».

Anna Surmilina, 3rd place: «I was dreaming to win a medal in Khanty-Mansiysk, so today I felt very determined. You know, these are my first international competitions. I am happy they’ve started on such a high note. In the heat for bronze medal I was lucky; my competitor Nana Hoshi from Japan fell in the first attempt. ButIdidn’tfeelsafe. In parallel giant slalomthere are moments when athletes were falling in the 1st attempt and then showed perfect results in the 2nd attempt and won. I was very happy to win in the 2nd attempt. I am also participating in slalom. Hope I would be able to get to the podium».

Igor Ishatenko, 2nd place: «Everything’s good! I am happy with my second place. Any medal of the Deaflympics is very good. In finals I made a mistake in the 1st try and got a penalty. But 2ndplaceisasuccessforme. I was a bit nervous in qualifications but then I realized, there’s no need to worry. I tried hard and lost all my strengths in the finals. I was competing for Russia and for our fans».


Roman Khamitsevich, 3rd place: «I am not satisfied, because I planned to get gold. The snow today was very soft. I won the first attempt, Igor Ishatenko was 1,10 sec back, in my second attempt I made a mistake and fell. So I got a penalty (1,42 sec) and was not able to get to the finals. On these Deaflympics I will also participate in slalom, but this is not my favorite discipline».

Maria Podorovskaya, 6th place: «I tried my best but I needed a bit more luck to get to the semifinals. My competitor in the quarterfinals was very strong – a future silver medalist from Finland. It turned out to be very difficult to beat her. Besides, I was very nervous because my family is here as well as my coach. I tried for them, but failed to compete for the medals. I will continue training and participate in next Deaflympics».


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