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Noboru Harada: I am an old man, I am 38, that’s why I say: «Stop!»


Today, on April’03 snowboarders were competing in parallel slalom in Khanty-Mansiysk. Medalists have given comments on their performance today.

Noboru Harada (Japan), 1st place: «I am very happy! 8 years ago on the previous Deaflympics I also won 2 gold medals. Today I repeated my achievement. This is super! But now I will say: «Spot!». I am 38 – I am old man. I don’t feel enough energy now. In Japan I am working as a coach. I am teaching deaf people to snowboard. NowIwanttoconcentrateonmywork.I hope that one of my pupils will show the same result as me. Iwouldbehappy».

Roman Khamitsevich (Russia), 2nd place: «I was feeling doubt this morning before the qualifications. But after the first attempt I felt confident. I showed good results in quarterfinals and semifinals. I was hoping I will be able to win. But no! I didn’t manage to do this. Thesnowwaswet.».

Igor Ishatenko (Russia), 3rd place: «The track was very good. In the morning in qualifications I felt very confident. Before the quarterfinals the snow started to melt under the sun. I can say that we were not skiing, we were swimming. On these Deaflympics I won silver and bronze – this is a good result for me. I an skiing only 6 years. That’s why I hope that my best results are ahead. I will definitely win gold of the Deaflympics in the future».

Cecilia Emma Hanhikoski (Finland), 1st place: «I am very happy! I tried to win. I knew that today the strongest athletes will be competing. Of cause I was keeping in mind Russian athletes, we were equally strong with them. Iwasjustabitluckier. Idon’tknowyethowtocelebratemyvictory. Iplantowalkaroundyourcity. WillIdrinksomechampagneorRussianvodka? Nooo! I have my sporting schedule! I will celebrate my victory in a more cultural way».

Maria Kapustkina (Russia), 2nd place: «I am a bit disappointed because I made a rude mistake in the finals and got penalty. In the 2nd attempt the snow was the snow was falling into my face – I didn’t see anything! This was a real shock for me. It is sad I didn’t have windscreen wipers on my sunglasses. In comparison with parallel giant slalom the snow was wet.

Still gold and silver medals of the Deaflympics is not a bad result for you?
– Sure, Ifeelmyselfverystrange!

What are your future plans?
– I any case I will continue skiing until the next Deaflympics and I four years I will try to change my silver into gold».

Anna Surmilina (Russia), 3rd place: «I think I was able to show better result. But third place is also a success for me. We still need to keep in mind that these are my first international competitions. My parents are very happy. Of cause, I try to move forward – I will keep training and work harder.

You have 2 bronzes of the Deaflympics: in parallel slalom and in parallel giant slalom. Which discipline was more difficult for you?
– Parallel slalom is my favorite discipline. So today it was easier for me to compete. The speed is very important here so is the weight of the participants. And my weight is not big. In parallel slalom you need to be mobile and to have a good technique.

Are you going to have rest now?
– Of cause! But still we have the national championships ahead. And I want to win gold or silver there.



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