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Russia again has a chance to become a semifinalist of men’s curling tournament


The men’s deaf curling team of Russia has received a chance to get to the play-off stage of the tournament.

A few days ago the coaches of Russian team has informed the press-center that the team lost its chances to play in semifinals of Deaflympic tournament. However, yesterday men’s team of Canada sent a protest against players from Japan. Japan defeated Canada, but, as it was found our later, Japanese curling players were using hearing aid devises during the game, which is strictly forbidden by the rules and regulations of Deaflympics. So the victory in the game was given to Canada.

Today Russia won in a game against Ukraine and Switzerland beat Japan. So now Russia will play with Japan in a tie-break.

Russia and Japan have the same number of points in the tournament. The semifinalist will be defined in an extra game Russia vs. Japan, said the office of the competitions.

The game Russia vs. Japan starts at 2.00 p.m. today.


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