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The American comeback or psychological lessons from USA team

In the third game of the Deaflympic ice-hockey tournament USA team has defeated Finland – 4:3.


The team of USA looked more confident today that in its first game. The first goal of the game was scored 5 minutes before the end of the 1st period by Piter Gintoli from USA. Team from Finland leveled the score very soon. 1:1.

The other goal of USA team was scored just a few minutes after the start or the second period by Robert Ruef. But Finland score back again – 2:2.

Janne Yurola from Finland scores in the third period. But just in a couple of minutes Piter Gintoli makes his second goal in the game. And in a short time Robert Ruef scores again and USA team takes the lead– 4:3. This was the final score of the game.

The head coach of team of Finland Janne Salmela was very disappointed with today’s results: «We were not in a good shape today, our athletes can play much better and this was our fault. It was obvious for us that our competitors are aiming to win. We realized that in the future we meet to get ready for the game better». Besides, he told that his team is expecting to be on the first or second place of the competitions.

The team of USA was celebrating its first victory on the tournament very loudly. «This was an exciting game. I am very glad we won. Hope we will be able to fight for gold, – said the captain of the team of USA Jim Crane. – We want to win all the team here and to get gold. Looking forward to our next game!».


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