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Russia defeats USA


On April’ 2 four games were played in the last but one round of round robin stage of men’s curling tournament.

The team of Russia defeated USA. Russian curling team has followed the success of the ice-hockey team of host-country who beat USA a day before on “Arena-Ugra”. While the hockey team still has all its main games ahead, this victory of Russian curling squad will not help it to get to the play-off stage of the tournament. Theteamlost 5 gamesofroundrobin.

The skip of Russia in the game with USA Denis Draga has answered the questions of the media-center of the Games: «The game was not easy for us. I was watching my team playing from the spectators’ stands before and got tired of watching it loosing. The coach decided to change the player and, probably, it did us good. Still we support our captain; this is a difficult moment for him from the psychological point of view. Tomorrow we plan to finish on a high note defeating the team of Ukraine».

In other games of the round China beat Japan (6:5), Canada defeated Ukraine (8:2) and Switzerland won South Korea in the final end. Teams of Switzerland, China and Canada will be playing in semifinals. As for the fourth semifinalist, it will be defined in the last round of the tournament on April’03.






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