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Russia is in the final of deaf hockey tournament


The victory of Russian deaf hockey team has guaranteed its participation in the final game of the XVIII Winter Deaflympics.

In theory, team of Suomi had the chances to get to the final of the tournament. In case it won today playing against Russia and defeated Kazakhstan tomorrow Finland would get 6 points in the group stage and the finalists would be defined in the game Russia vs. Canada. That’s why the game was tough since the very beginning.

In the 1st period team of Russia was attacking the net of Finland very intensively. Andrey Proudnikov of Russia made a hat trick while Pavel Yevtushenko scored one more goal. After giving up 4 goals the coach of Finland changed the goalkeeper. This saved the net of Suomi for a while. Orhan Kazimov tried to score one more goal but the puck was thrown into the net just a split second after the referee’s signal for the period’s end.

In the beginning of the 2nd period Russia managed to kill the penalty but soon Marco Liimatainen brought the first goal for Finland. Konstantin Gamayurov resumed the score gap again. After first two periods of the game the score was 5:1 for Russia.

In the last period of the game Andrey Prudnikov scored again. Finland tried to narrow the score gap and even made one more goal. But team of Andrey Vasilevskiy dominated. Vyacheslav Sidorov and Orhan Kazimov scored 7th and 8th goals, while Artur Shimarev throws the last goal of the game making the final score 9:2 for Russia.

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