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Russia – Kazakhstan9:0. The first victory of Russian team in deaf hockey tournament


The ice hockey tournament of the Deaflympics has started today in the cultural and entertainment complex “Arena Ugra” in Khanty-Mansiysk.

In the first game of the competitions Russia was playing against Kazakhstan. Russia was dominating since the very beginning of the game. The first goal was scored into the goal net of Kazakhstan on the 10th minute of the game. The score in the end of the second period was 1:0

Stanislav Ilichyov, a player of Russian team: «The beginning was rather difficult and then it became easier. Wegotusedtothegame. This is our first game of the tournament. Our coach was watching us playing and later we will discuss all our strengths and weaknesses».

In the second period Russia managed to score 6 goals thus making the score 7:0.  The third period was also not a surprise for players and spectators. 2 moregoalswerescoredintoKazakhstan’snet. By the way, the last goal of the game was scored just 1 second before the end of the third period. ThefinalresultisRussiavs. Kazakhstan 9:0.

Vasily Petrov, the chief coach of the team of Kazakhstan has said:  «I’d like to emphasize that this is the first time our team is participating in the Deaflympics. The team is young and has been playing together only for 4 years. It was difficult, our athletes were tired. I hope that our next game will be more successful».


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