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Russia wins gold in European Deaf Curling

From 26 till 31 October Sochi was hosting the I European Deaf Curling Championships. 5 women and 4 men teams from Russia, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine were competing for the medals. Both women and men teams of Russia has won all the games of the Championships thus becoming the complete leaders of the competitions.
In group competitions Russian men team was sharing ice with Ukraine, Germany and Croatia. In semifinals they played with Croatia and has moved to the final with the team of Ukraine. «Our guys have started the final game with confidence and took the initiative in their hands, – says the coach of the team Oleg Prigorenko – then our competitors has evened up the score, but after the 5th end our team has felt the emotional lift, summoned up, got 4 stones in the 8th end. The score was 10:4 when Ukrainian team decided to end a game ahead of schedule. There is a rule in curling: if the score difference is very big and the losing side understands that it is not able to even up with the leader, it decides to end the game. It is not in line with the curling rules to press the rival team». As a result, in men competitions third place belongs to German team, silver was won by Ukraine and Russia got gold.

In women competitions took part athletes from 5 countries. In group games Russian team has won Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Germany. In semifinals our team has won big the team of Slovakia. InthefinalgameRussiawasplayingwithCroatia. «The game was very tense, – says the coach of the Russian women team Vitaliy Karpinsky – During the game the score was almost even, stone to stone. Our athletes has made some mistakes, but in the end of the game they pulled themselves up and won the game with the score 8:5».

As a result, Ukraine is on the 3rd place, Croatia is on the 2nd place and Russia is the leader.
Men team was represented by the athletes from Chelyabinsk region Yury Makeev, Alexander Pyatkov, Oleg Dartchiev and Sergey Zhirov and Roman Golushko from Saint-Petersburg. Women team includes Svetlana Tsedik, Liliya Kulikova, Elena Shagieva from Moscow and Olga Yaroslavtseva and Yulia Tretyakova from Kaliningrad.
As was noted by the chief deaf curling coach Vladimir Felde, it is not yet decided who will take place in the national teams for the Deaflympics: some training sessions are still ahead as well as Russian Deaf Curling Cup. The names of the athletes, that will represent our country on the Deaflympics, will be known one month before the start of the most important games of the quadrennium.

According to Alexander Romantsov, the President of Russian Committee of the Deaflympics, the level of our national curling team is growing every year. «We started cultivating curling since 2008. A year ago we took part in the World Championships, now we are the winners of the European Deaf Curling Championships. As in 2011 in Slovakia XXVII Winter Deaflympics were not conducted, Russian curling team will be participating in its first Winter Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk. I hope our debut will be successful”.

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