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Russia wins the women’s curling tournament


In the final game of the women’s curling tournament Russia defeated China and won gold medals. The players of Russian team were overwhelmed with emotions. This victory of the Winter Deaflympics in Khanty-Mansiysk became the biggest achievement in their sport careers.

Since the very beginning of the game Russia started to play more active and aggressive that its competitors. After 4 ends the score gap between Russia and China was 3 points. But in the 5th end China managed to level the score. The winner was defined only in the 9th end of the game. Russia got 3 points making the final score 9:5 for host country.

Olga Yaroslavtseva, a member of Russian team, commented the game. «I am overwhelmed with emotions. I devote this victory to the whole Russia, my friends and family, to everybody who was supporting us», – said the athlete.

According the her, when the score became 9:5 it became clear who will be the winner of the game.

The coach of Russia Vitaly Karpinskiy looked a bit tired but happy. «I said to the girls before the game. «Go and get me the medal. You know, they are good as gold, – said the coach of the champions with a smile. – Actually, before this game we have already fulfilled our plans for these Deaflympics so today we didn’t feel big pressure and our emotions were positive», – said he.

In women’s tournament the bronze was won by Canada that defeated Croatia with the score 10:5.

In women’s tournament China defeated Canada in a dramatic final game and became the gold medalist of the competitions. In the first part of the game Canada was leading with the 5 points gap but later China managed to concentrate and win with the score 7:6.

In the bronze medal game Russia was playing against Switzerland. Russia played one of its best games in the tournament defeating Switzerland with the final score 11:3. The game ended after 8 ends.

«This is a real victory for us! Now we will be able to get the titles of the masters of sport. This is the first major international tournament for us and bronze – is a real success. Frankly speaking, I don’t believe yet that after all difficulties and problems we were able to get to the bronze medal game», – said the member of Russian team Yuri Makeev after the game.


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