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Russian goal-keeper Iliya Shevtsov met his first coach in Khanty-Mansiysk

The youngest hockey player in Russian team met with his first coach.IMG_0185


Today, Oleg Snegovski trains children in hiockey club “Ugra”. Meanwhile, he recalls the beginning of Shevtsov sport career.

– I met Iliya when he was 10 years old. It was in Tomsk. He didn’t do very well on the field so we put him on the goal. He showed good results there, Iliya was really getting it. I didn’t have to explain to him twice, he turned out to be a very talented boy, – said the coach.

Two years ago Iliya became World Champion in deaf hockey team. Moreover, he plays for the team of Youth hockey league.

-I push myself to the limits when it’s about trainings and competitions, – tells Iliya – I believe that once you play for the National team, you should keep up with the level. During the game I count only on myself.

Oleg Snegovski invented a special sign selection for the young sportsman:


Iliya is good at mouth reading and I also showed him different signs. For example, pointing at knees stood for not sitting and opened hand was for standing play. That’s the way we communicated. Shevtsov doesn’t use deaf-aid because once he tried to play with it, he was hit by a puck.

But Iliya’s career certainly doesn’t get lost in translation. Here, in Ugra he aims for the victory. When you realize that you are being watched by your first coach you just push yourself beyond the limits.

-I’m so glad to meet Oleg here – says Iliya. – He put a lot in me as a child and it was a pleasure to see him again. He still gives me advice on playing and I always consider them.

The former Iliya’s coach is happy as well:

– Iliya’s mother and I are good friends. His parents were the first to inform me about the world championship victory. Then they told me to wait for him to come to Khanty-Mansiysk. I’m very concerned and sure that Iliya will make it! – said Oleg Snegovski before the Russia-USA play.


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