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Russian men’s curling team loses its chances for medals

Today, on April’01 Russian men’s deaf curling team lost its chances to get to play-off stage of Deaflympic curling tournament.LS3A7934

The team of Russia was playing with South Korea and lost the game with the score 5:9 despite of a warm support of sport fans and a big motivation for victory today. Now Russia will compete for 5th place of the tournament.

One more surprise of 6th round was made by Japan that defeated Canada with the score 9:6. A player of Canada Marc Comte has told the press-center of the competitions about his team and its plans for this tournament: «We want to win very much. Deaf curling has been developing in our country for more than 30 years. In 1979 the first Canadian deaf curling team was formed. I can say that some of us are veterans already. In this tournament the main competitors for us China, Russia and Japan», – said Marc Comte. He also mentioned that ice in Khanty-Mansiysk is perfect.

In other games of 6th round USA defeated Hungary – 10:5 and China beat Switzerland – 9:8.

After 6 rounds Japan and China are leaders of deaf curling tournament – they won all the games they played.

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