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Russian women’s curling team was inspired by their fans

Russian curling player Olga Yaroslavtseva has told that their team was inspired to win China in the 4th round of the Deaflympic curling tournament.LS3A4955 (1)

Sport fans that came to the Ice Palace of Khanty-Mansiysk were actively supporting their national team. The emotions were high as the result of the game with China was very important.

Russia took the lead in the first ends on the game. However, China was not going to give in without a struggle. Thegamelasted 2.5 hours. The leader was not defined till the last end. The final score was 6:5 for Russia. Upon the end of the game and the applauses of spectators the team coach Vitaly Karpinskiy has answered the questions of the media-center of the Games.


«This was one of the key games for us. China is among the favorites of the tournament. That’s why it was especially important for us to win them. We haven’t played with them before, this is the first time we see each other. The team is very strong, it was interesting to play with them», – said the coach of the Russian team.

«We edidn’t even know that such team existed, – said the curling player of Russian team Olga Yaroslavtseva. – and then in Internet we read that China has trained the deaf curling team. We watched them training and came to a decision that it would be very difficult to defeat them. And we were right».


«We were playing very emotionally, we felt confident and wanted to win– we have a lot to lose. Today our team was like one family, that’s why we managed to beat the competitors. I would also like to thank people that were supporting us today. We feel their energy and support. Their eyes are shining, they are applauding and feeling anxious about us», – said Olga Yaroslavtseva.

She has also noted that ice in Khanty-Mansiysk is perfect.

Tomorrow, on April’01 team of Russia plays with Hungary that defeated Ukraine today with the score 10:1.

«I am very satisfied with our play today and our victory. In general this tournament is quite successful for us», – said the member of Hungarian teamSusanna Pinter. While talking about the plans for the Deaflympics she said that her team is going to compete for the medals of the tournament. «We would like to win medals, however, teams here are very strong – China, Canada, Russia. These teams and Hungary are the main favorites of the tournament. The struggle will be very tough», – said an athlete from Hungary.

In other games of the round Canada defeated Slovakia 11:3, Croatia beat South Korea – 8:2.


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